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Headworks - Coarse/Fine Screens, Washers/Compactors, Conveyors, Grit Handling Equipment, Integrated Receiving Stations
Aeration - Tri-Lobe PD Blower, Fine Bubble Diffuser, Membrane Disc Diffusers, Coarse Bubble Diffusers, Surface Aerator, Submersible Aerator
Filtration - Microscreen Filter, Pressure Sieve
Solids Handling - Belt Thickeners/Presses, Dissolved Air Floatation, Filter Press
Industrial - Mixers, Settling/Clarification Equipment, Chemical Handling, Pumps
Incinerators - Pyrolytic Incinerator, Controlled Solid/Air Waste Incinerator, Liquid Waste Incinerator, Fluidized Bed Incinerator, Rotary Kiln Incinerator, Water-Cooled Smoke Free Incinerator, Cremator/Animal Body Incinerator, Drying System
Air Pollution Control - Particulates, Acid Gas, Dioxins


The ROTODRUM is the opposite design of the Headworks ROTOSCREEN Gravity Sidehill Screen where the drum is stationary. Flow through is achieved by pump discharge pressure. Screenings are removed by an automated internal rotating mechanism. When differential pressure between inside and outside of the drum reaches the set point, the rotating mechanism is activated along with the screenings discharge valve to allow cleaning of the drum.

The ROTOFILTER (micro screen) can remove solids that are as tiny as 20 microns. It is applied in removal of suspended solids in secondary treated wastewater, algae, and silt. The ROTOFILTER is fully automated.

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