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Fine-Bubble Membrane Disc Diffusers

The Oxi-Pro membrane disc diffusers come in two model types: Model RCD and RSD. Both models are engineered to supply powerful self-cleaning capabilities and designed with innovated positive check systems, enabling the membrane to stop backflow immediately on blower shutdown. These diffusers are ideal for air-on / air-off and seasonal applications. Both models are available with built-in check valves for frequent on / off applications. The Oxi-Pro line also offers a Coarse Bubble Membrane Diffuser.

Model RCD
Operates with a double membrane that packs over 6600 perforations. These perforations create extremely fine, uniform bubble patterns creating optimal oxygen transfer. This diffuser holds up to the most demanding operating conditions, with a membrane made of chemical resistant EPDM material and a polypropylen housing. Designed and engineered with a integral check valve design, using a separate snap-cap diffuser at its base, the RCD prevents any back flow to enter back into the housing, even while the main membrane is still closing or collapsing.

Model RSD
Operates with a single membrane, the RSD offers a slightly lower pressure drop then the RCD, but delivers equal oxygen transfer efficiency. Made with high-strength, corrosion-resistant ABS plastic, it delivers the same quality type membrane as the RCD. Designed and engineered for self-cleaning, using a molded diffusing membrane which creates a flat sealing surface at the center of the diffuser, the RSD prevents any back flow to enter back into the housing.


  • Non-Clogging
  • Easy Installation
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Durable Support Enhances Long-Life
  • Harmonic Vibration Prevents Deposit Build-Up
  • Various Membrane Materials for a Variety of Applications


  • Activated Sludge Processes
  • Ditch Oxidation
  • Aerobic Sludge Digesters
  • Batch Reactor Sequencing
  • River / Reservoir Re-Oxygenation
  • Continuous / Intermittent Aeration
  • Mixing and Equalization
Disc Diffusers
Disc Diffusers


mount on any pipe material including, but not limited to: PVC, ABS, CPVC and SS. Mounts on any pipe size with a universal diffuser mount or using a standard 3/4” female connection.