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Grit Washer / Classifier

Model SP | Model SP-P

The Pro-Equipment Grit-Guard provides a cost effective means for washing, dewatering and conveying separated grit or sand from wastewater. This rugged Headwork’s Classifier offers two model types.

The Model-SP
Grit-Guards standard Grit Washing Classifier comprised of a collection tank and a motor driven inclined screw conveyor. The tank walls are uniquely shaped and engineered to accommodate the conveying trough.

The Model-SP-P
Carbons all the features and grit handling capabilities as the Model-SP, plus has an additional washing agitator for applications that require additional grit washing.

When installed near a grit chamber, both Grit-Guard models return separated water back into the grit chamber. Water, free from sediments, but containing some organics, is streamed through an overflow trough were a connecting pipeline transfers it to the next treatment process stage.

The Stainless Steel Grit-Guard models are manufactured to deliver long service life in either indoor or outdoor locations. When installed outdoors, the Grit-Guard can be equipped with both insulation and an electrical heater to hold-up to harsh, inclement weather. An open-air thermostat is also available to operate the heating element during the winter season.


Grit is agitated, washed and conveyed up an inclined open trough by a Helix Screw that’s powered by an electric gear motor. The spiral rotating Helix Screw efficiently moves separated materials up the trough where it is discharged through a top chute falling into a receptacle for final disposal.


  • Flow Rate: 80-240 gpm (300-900 l/min)
  • Power Input: 1 HP
  • Helix Incline: 30°
  • Efficiency: 95% (sand size >0.2mm)
  • Material Discharge: Upper End of Classifier
  • Application Conditions: Standard
  • Installation: Above Ground | Indoors or Outdoors
  • Material: Stainless Steel (300 Series)


  • Highly-Adaptable with Numerous Add-Ons
  • Simple Installation
  • Wide Range of Tank Sizes for Slurry Loads
  • Optional Insulation and Heating Element
  • Optional Top-Mounted Cyclone for increased grit removal


  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
Pro-Equipment Grit-Guard
Grit Washer



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