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Hydraulic Compactor

Model LSH

This powerful 1000 psig, hydraulic compactor / conveyor combination is designed to dewater and compact materials from a bar screen and transport the screenings by the hydraulic piston to a receptacle for final disposal or transport. This Compactor is sized for virtually any application and a popular selection among sewage treatment plants due to its effective water removal and high compaction rate. The LSH significantly reduces transfer volume driving down high disposal cost.

Designed and manufactured with a powerful cylindrical ram hydraulic system, PRO-PACTOR LSH allows compacted screenings to travel a greater distances and / or higher elevations. Manufactured with variable sized inlet hoppers and delivery pipe lengths, the LSH applies to a broad range of installation requirements. The PRO-Equipment PRO-PACTOR Series also offers the PRO-PACTOR Screw Washer / Compactor for applications needing additional washing capabilities.

The PRO-PACTOR LSH consists of a base frame, trough hopper, cylindrical ram, hydraulic system and a delivery discharge pipe. The LSH can also be installed outdoors in a freezing climate with hydraulics heating, heat tracing and insulation. The control panel runs the compactor based on a timer with standard safety features.


PRO-PACTOR drives water out of screenings during the forward motion of the ram against the dewatered screenings plug. The ram is driven by a hydraulic cylinder through a hydraulic pump system. Screenings are transported through a delivery (discharge) pipe angled upwards into the container. The configuration and length of delivery piping depends on the dimensions and position of the container. The wash water is first drained into a collecting trough underneath and then directed back into the channel, a storage tank, or pumped to its receiving end.


  • Ram Diameter: 8”, 10”, 12”, 14” (200, 250, 300, 350mm)
  • Capacity: Specific to application
  • Compaction Ratio: up to 85% of volume and weight
  • Hydraulic Drive Output: up to 1500 Psig
  • Hopper Incline: 0 – 35°
  • Conveyor Length: Specific to application
  • Material: Stainless Steel (300 Series), Galvanized / Painted Carbon Steel


  • Horizontal or Inclined Models Available
  • Adjustable Delivery Pipe and Hopper Openings
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Optional Screenings washing
  • Hydraulic Equipment Outfitted with freezing prevention package


  • Ideal for both Municipal and Industrial Use
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)
Hydraulic Compactor
HYDRAULIC RAM DIAMETER OD: 265 or 315mm (10.4” or 12.4”)
HOPPER DIMENSIONS: Typically 500 x 635mm (20” x 25”)*
DELIVERY LENGTH: Ld= 2 ~ 20m (6’ – 60’) (Depending on container position, route & dimensions *)
COMPACTION RATIO: 50 ~ 70% of volume and weight
DRIVES: Hydraulic unit 1.5 or 2.2 kW (2 or 3 hp)
WASHING WATER: Solenoid Valves 3/4", 0-5 ~ 0.8 l/s (8 ~ 13 gpm) at 30 Psig
ELECTRICAL INPUT: 230-460V / 3 PH / 60 Hz
* For special requirements contact Pro-Equipment, Inc.
Hydraulic Compactor



Application: Municipal Wastewater Screenings

Location: Brevard, NC USA

North America
Hydraulic Compactor



Application: Wood Chip Slurry – Dewatering and Conveying

Location: Everett, WA USA

North America